Long Beach Houghton Skatepark

houghton skatepark long beach

Long Beach Houghton Skatepark

Its not huge but the street and bowl sections are separated fairly well so there isn't too much cross contamination.

Hours of Operation / Fees if Applicable

6:00am - 10:00pm

Contact Information

Houghton Skate Park Long Beach, California, United States 90805

Additional Information

Wearing a Helmet Is Enforced: Yes

Wearing Knee Pads is Enforced: Yes

Wearing Elbow Pads Is Enforced: Yes

Has Lights: Yes

Waiver Required?: No

Gated?: Yes

Surface Type: Concrete

Size: 20000 to 25000

Has a Pool?: No

Has a Vert Ramp?: No

Type of Park: Skatepark

Ownership: Public

Do I Have To Pay To Skate?: No

Type of Location: Outdoor


Photos / Overview of the
Long Beach Houghton Skatepark

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Long Beach Houghton Skatepark


From San Diego
5 North
91 West
Exit Atlantic Ave (Go left)
Harding Ave.(Go left)
Skatepark is on the left hand side inside Houghton Park

Long Beach Houghton Skatepark Description

The Houghton Skatepark is a very nice addition to the LA rotation, and since it opened effectively took over as the LBC's official skatepark (i.e. I havn't skated ELDO since). Its not huge but the street and bowl sections are seperated fairly well so there isn't too much "cross contamination." 

The Street Section has a tall hip, tons of short rails with assorted banks and stairs, and a terraced ledge section with kickers thats interesting. Getting speed for these things does not appear to be a problem, but collisions in the street area are not uncommon. 

The Bowl has three sections: A square 4ft, An Ameobic 6ft, and a square 7ft just to vert. A spine connects the 4&6ft. sections which both flow into a 3ft middle section that waterfalls (sketchy) into the 7ft bowl which has a big vertical extension the length of the face wall, and an escalating ledge set back from the coping on one side. There is also a tight mini ramp half pipe with flatbanks leading up the back on both decks, thats set back from the coping half in the ameoba half in the 3ft. shallow that allows for some interesting launch outs and wall rides, but can also send a board down on your head from above when someone sketches their mini ramp blunt fakie. The bowl is poured and finished well and the steel coping is set nicely and slides like typical steel coping. 

The Whole Park was recently painted with a cross between Wyman's Whales and Saturday Morning Cartoon Hip Hop, that makes me yern for the "uncommisioned" pieces that used to adorn sections of the park. Which leads me to the all important vibe section of this review... Houghton is a little bit ghetto, straight up, but then so am I and the odds of you being injured in a Skater vs. BMX collision are exponentially better than the odds of you "getting caught up in that funky s#*@ going down in the city." I find Houghton to be relatively friendly for a skatepark. The kids there are fun to skate with, and its blessed with the kind of multi-culturalism that the LBC is known for. It can also be packed to the gills with bikes, scooters, INLINES, and trash (where are the parents?). The Dollar Poweraid Machine is always a plus if you can get yours out with out breaking your arm on the cage. The police are not concerned with you. The park ranger might sweat you for pads. Look out for sticky spots before you sit down, and don't let Wallace talk you into hurting yourself.

Reviewed By Houghton Local: lrghmn

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