Laguna Hills (LAGS) Skatepark

Laguna Hills (LAGS) Skatepark

This park is by no means one of the greatest skateparks but if you get creative it can be fun.

Hours of Operation / Fees if Applicable

8:00am - 10:00pm

Contact Information

25401 Paseo De Valencia Laguna Hills, California, United States 92653

Additional Information

Wearing a Helmet Is Enforced: Yes

Wearing Knee Pads is Enforced: Yes

Wearing Elbow Pads Is Enforced: Yes

Has Lights: Yes

Waiver Required?: No

Gated?: No

Surface Type: Concrete

Size: 10000 to 15000

Has a Pool?: No

Has a Vert Ramp?: No

Type of Park: Skatepark

Ownership: Public

Do I Have To Pay To Skate?: No

Type of Location: Outdoor


Photos / Overview of the
Laguna Hills (LAGS) Skatepark

Video(s) of the
Laguna Hills (LAGS) Skatepark


From the 5 and 55 interchange:
5 South
Exit Alicia Parkway (Go South)
Pass Paseo De Valencia (PD Valencia)
Make your first right into the community center
Skatepark is on the right and behind the community center

Laguna Hills (LAGS) Skatepark Description

Laguna Hills park has features for every type of skater. The main entrance of the park is used as a runway to skate the pyramid, one of the main obstacles at LAGS. Mostly used for flip tricks and ollie variations the pyramid is long and mellow and requires a decent amount of speed to gap the top.  One side of the pyramid is a steeper 7 foot bank that is fun to transfer in and out of.  Besides the pyramid the top section of the park also features a volcano, great for practicing lip tricks on and frontside and backside airs. The upper level is also bordered by mellow quarterpipes with one section that can be used as a launch ramp leading to a flatbar.  The middle section or alley has banks of differing grades ranging from 5 to 7 feet.  The middle section also consists of what locals refer to as the "taco" a small 2 ft quarterpipe with noping. Good for blunt slides and learner friendly, the taco is used as transistion as well as a gap.  A feature used a lot in games of skate.  The last third of the park features a elongated bowl with multiple hips and a peninsula, a four block the size of an average eight stair and a flat bar.  The bowl has a mellow roll in that is used mainly for speed to whip around the deeper bigger end of the bowl.  Although the coping is minimal it has enough to lock into grinds.  The only negatives of the park would be that the four block landing sends you directly into a quarter pipe and offers little to no roll away.  The concrete around the flat bar is separated into squares as opposed to one smooth slab of crete and can throw you off a little if you let it.  Most people don't wear pads or helmets and the park clears quickly if the police roll through.  But if you have a helmet bring it because you'll have a private park during such times. 

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